Jewelry Care: Maintaining Your Gold

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By Nikki Riela | February 5, 2019

When it comes to gold jewelry, making sure you are taking the proper steps to maintaining it will ensure you give your pieces a long life.

Maintaining your jewelry seems easy and something you can do without putting much thought into it, right? Wrong! In order to give your jewelry, the longest life possible, proper cleaning is the first step.

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The best way to clean your gold jewelry is using jewelry cleaning that can be purchased at your local jeweler (or at Jewelry cleaners are specifically made for your gold or silver jewelry and they are intended for deep cleaning your pieces. However, you should NEVER put silver jewelry in your gold jewelry cleaner as this will ruin your both your silver and gold. You should have one jewelry cleaner designated for gold and one designated for silver.


If you do not have jewelry cleaner around there are safe DIY methods of cleaning your gold jewelry at home. We have a few tips and tricks down below that may help you with the process.


1.    In a bowl mix Dawn dishwashing detergent with lukewarm water.

2.    Add a couple of drops of ammonia (not too much as it’s not healthy for us)

3.    With a new, very soft toothbrush (children’s brushes work great) carefully and lightly scrub your piece

4.    Rinse with lukewarm water

5.    Let your jewelry air dry or lightly dry it with a piece of cloth

(REMEMBER: gold is soft so be very gentle during the cleaning and drying processes)




Soap – although DIY cleaning instructions call for Dawn dishwashing soap, other soaps such as hand soap and body wash will accumulate and create a film on your jewelry.


Chlorine – pools, hot tubs, and even cleaning bleach could permanently discolor (tarnish) or damage your jewelry.


Unless your gold pieces are 24K gold, these substance could cause them to eventually tarnish as they are not 100% pure gold and contain alloys.


With these tips you are guaranteed having beautiful and sparkly jewelry for years to come!

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Jay Garcia